Celebrating creativity and innovation around the world…

InnovationPut on your thinking cap! April 15-21 is World Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW).  Since it’s inception in 2001 more than 100 businesses, communities, and schools in over 40 countries use the week to enliven the creative spirit by inspiring people to spark their brains to use new ideas, imagination and make new decisions that make a positive difference at home, at work and at school.

WCIW starts on Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday (April 15th) and runs through April 21st every year. This is the week we celebrate the unlimited creative potential in all of us to make the world a better place and to make our place in the world better too.

…and right here at home. Be a part of it!

You can participate in our Toronto and GTA’s WCIW 9th Annual Admit it. You’re Creative Workshops on April 17th and/or initiate your own activities at home, in your community, at work or school.

Whether your focus is on making a difference for people, the planet and/or profits, you are invited to join in doing something a little differently.  Businesses, for example, say office morale soars when they open the doors that week to engage staff in creative activities. Teachers report excited participation from students when they introduce creative thinking techniques to use within their curriculum. Families find fun in reviewing the innovations in their lives throughout the generations. Go to Celebrate for ideas for ways to enliven the creative spirit at your home, office, organization or community. Upload your event, photos and ideas. Upload your videos to Youtube using the “worldcreativity” tag. You can also find medical solutions to your problems, just like getting rid of hemorrhoids, or cure constipation.

Get involved as a volunteer or supporter. It’s good for your health!

Imagine your world opening to new opportunities, especially during World Creativity and Innovation Week. Research shows that people who use their creativity live fuller more meaningful lives and are happier, more resilient to change, laugh more often, and come up with new and relevant ideas more so than those who do not.

We’d love your support.  Whether you choose to volunteer with WCIW Toronto and GTA, set up your own celebration, become a sponsor and/or donate funds to keep this website active, you’ll be helping to refresh the world!

WCIW is run entirely by volunteers who believe in the value of creativity and innovation. They are aligned with the WCIW purpose: to encourage and engage people to use their creativity to make the world a better place and make our place in the world better too, wherever they are, and to do no harm.